Thursday, November 5, 2009

Healthy Food Cooking and Weight Loss - The Right Tools Can Make Big Differences

Eating healthy foods can be very boring. Having raw vegetables, fruits, and yogurt is great but not really enjoyable if you have them every day. This is not the only way to eat healthy, and you can make some gourmet meals out of them. First, you need to have good tools in the kitchen. Pans are very important but I wrote an article exclusively on them. So, I want to focus on other tools.

A number of health conscious individuals like to eat lean meats and egg whites because they are very low in fat. Because they don't have fat, the cooking time should be very short. If you cook egg white too long, it tends to bounce. If you overcook meat such as beef, pork and chicken, it gets too chewy and tough. However, if you undercook the meat, it can cause a food poisoning.

An instant-read thermometer can help you check the food temperature to cook just right. Some people wrongly use this thermometer by leaving it in the food while cooking. It doesn't indicate an accurate temperature of the food. You should stick it in the food only when you need to check the temperature. If you pay attention to professional chefs on cooking shows, you can often see thermometers in their shirt pockets.

You definitely need measuring tools such as measuring cups, spoons and scales. You don't have to measure every food you eat because eating won't be enjoyable anymore. But, it is a good idea to keep track roughly how much food you are taking and this will help you with your weight loss plan.

The majority of salad dressing is high in calories, and if you shake the dressing bottle over your salad, you might put too much and you wouldn't know it. If you use a measuring spoon, you could cut another one hundred calories. In the same way, if you just eat three ounces of steak instead of four ounces, you would take seventy five less calories. The small numbers add up very quickly as we eat throughout the day.

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